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Article Basic SSH Commands
First you need to log in to your server either as root or as a particular user account if you...
Views: 1357
Article Checking CPU via SSH
1) Login to SSH   2) Run the command  cat /proc/cpuinfo
Views: 682
Article Checking PHP Version via SSH
1) Login to SSH   2) Run the command php -v
Views: 1052
Article Guaranteed Ram Vs Burst Ram
Guaranteed RAM is RAM that is always available to you and guaranteed. Burstable RAM means that...
Views: 877
Article How do I enable/disable my Iptables firewall?
To start IP tables on your RedHat server,# service iptables startYou can run the following...
Views: 831
Article How To Change Root Password in SSH
1) Login 2) type passwd       :) there you go.
Views: 774
Article How To Change Server Time.
Login to SSH Run the command below. 1) cd /etc 2) ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/TIMEZONEHERE...
Views: 763
Article How to install APF (Advanced Policy Firewall)
What is APF (Advanced Policy Firewall)? APF FirewallAPF is a policy based iptables firewall...
Views: 609
Article How To Install Chkrootkit
cd /usr/src wget http://oratoronline.com/how2/chkrootkit/chkrootkit.tar.gz tar zxvf...
Views: 794
Article How To Install CSF Firewall
CSF is generally considered a more advanced firewall as there are more configuration options...
Views: 621
Article How to upgrade Cpanel
Login to your WHM and follow whm > cPanel/WHM Updates Automatic (STABLE tree) cPanel Package...
Views: 701

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